Best Steps for Snake Removal Under YOUR Kansas Porch or Shed

The area below our homes is an excellent nesting place for the Wichita snake. This offers them warmth, comfort, security, and an easy access to food. In the case that you noticed cracks and crevices on the structure of your building, it will be relatively easy for the snake to invade our house. The space in our porch or shed will provide a pathway for the creature to invade the underside section of our houses.

How to Get Rid of the Snake under the Porch or Shed

The surface below our house is often undisturbed and will be filled with insects that the snakes love to eat. This pest will be very persistent and may squeeze their body in an insignificant hole to gain an access into the restricted space below our porch. If this happens, getting them out of here may seem to be a challenge. Fortunately, there are simple methods that you can use to ensure that your house will be free from slithering companion.

Simple Home Modification

The snakes are invading your Kansas property since there is something that is attracting them. This can be a possible food source. If you have a mice infestation in your house, there is a chance that you will also capture the attention of the snake. The space under your porch may also be filled with debris that provides them a safe place to hide against their predators. Your yard can also be a possible attractor to them. It may be filled with vegetations where they usually hunt and live. Start by eliminating these elements in your property. Clear the debris cluttered in your property. Trim the bushes that they can use as their hiding ground. You may also install a barrier or fence all over your property to deter the snake's activity.

Sealing the Gaps

Prevention is still better than looking for a solution on Wichita snake's infestation. By sealing the access hole that the snake can use to gain an entry under your porch will help you keep your space snake-free. You may use mesh wires, steel plate or hardware cloth when sealing the gap in your porch. This will keep them from the obscure area of your house. After sealing the gaps, you may install an exclusion funnel in case you suspect that there are snakes under the shed or porch.

Use of Traps

The Kansas snake traps will be excellent against the infestation of the snake but it will not be 100% effective. The efficacy of this product will depend upon the placement. Be sure that you will place it in an area where you spot the snake. The snake trap will release an odor similar to the mice that will attract the attention of the snake. 

Those who lack the skills to identify the venomous and non-venomous type of Wichita snake should never handle their infestation on their own. They should hire the service of the professionals to deal with this matter. This will keep them safe from the dangers related with snake invasion.

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