Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Kansas Pigeons

The Kansas pigeons are known for being complex and highly intelligent creature. They have been living close to the Wichita human for years. More than 300 types of pigeons can be found in different parts of the globe. A considerable number of them lives in the wild but there are also those that live in captivity. Due to their intelligence and elegance, some people will keep them as pets. 

The Habitat of Pigeons

In case you've been living in the Kansas city for quite some time, you finally understand how pigeon can sometimes be your problem. The pigeons are opportunistic feeders and will not hesitate when they are foraging for food scraps. While they may not have a destructive nature, they can still be nuisance when it comes to scavenging their food. In their habitat in the wild, they will establish their nest near the cliffs. This will protect the nest from the predators. The spaces in the cave are also an excellent location of their nest.


The Wichita pigeon has the ability to adapt in a diverse type of environment. This implies that they can adjust their diet depending on the availability of the food. Although most of the pigeons will prefer to eat seed, they can change their natural diet depending on the season and their location. For the pigeons that live in the city, they will mostly rely on the food scraps of humans. For those who live in the country side, they will be able to look for fruits, insects and berries.


The pigeon do not have a specific breeding season. They will breed the entire year and will reach its peak during the Kansas summer and spring season. The wild type of pigeons will breed on the cliffs. The feral pigeons will build their nest on buildings. There will be an average of two eggs that will be incubated by both of the parents for about 18 days. 


Pigeons have formidable muscles that allow them to fly at an extensive altitude. They have the average speed of around 50-60mph. The fastest pigeon may reach a maximum speed of 92mph. They are known to be very clever creatures. Study shows that they can identify their reflection when looking at the mirror. They can also learn the different letters in the English alphabet. Their eyesight is also extraordinary that enables them to identify an object that is at a 26-mile distance. Experts are also astounded on the amazing sense of hearing of this animal. It has been reported that they have the skill to detect volcanic eruption, earthquake, and storm that happened on a distant location.

Most of the Wichita pigeons will treat the urban setting as their home. There are not a lot of predators in the city. This allows them to thrive in the busy area. They do not have the ability to live on places with extreme temperature such as the Sahara Desert and the Antarctica. Although they may be an incredible creature, there are instances when they will be a pain the neck.

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